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Do you find yourself looking around your bedroom each night and disliking what you see? Whether it's the space, style or clutter you don't like, at Gardiner of England bedrooms we can help you fall back in love with your room in this 5 part mini-series.

Although the kitchen is known as the ‘heart of the home,’ we would have to argue that it’s actually the bedroom…

Whether we’re getting ready for work, having a lazy Sunday morning in bed, or winding down for a good night sleep- we spend so much time in the bedroom that it deserves to be given a special place in our hearts, and we deserve to love everything about it.

In this blog, we’re sharing how you can learn to appreciate and maximise the amount of space you have, the style of your furniture, the atmosphere of the room or the practicality of the design, providing you inspiration to transform your bedroom, or update your current set-up, and fall in love with it all over again!

1. Fall back in love with the shape and size of your room

It can be easy to get bedroom envy when you see all the spacious, perfectly shaped bedrooms in magazines and on Instagram, but at Gardiner of England we understand that not all bedrooms are the ‘ideal’ shape and size.

In reality, quite a lot of bedrooms can be on the small side, have alcoves and cupboards, or have sloping ceilings that can pose a problem when buying furniture or designing your space- However, at Gardiner of England, we don’t see these things as issues. We encourage you to look around your bedroom and ask yourself, ‘Am I making the most of the space I have?’ Do your wardrobes make the most of the floor-to-ceiling span, even if the ceiling is sloped? Is there room under your window that could be used for extra storage, but you’re not sure how? Is your alcove going to waste, but you’re not sure what furniture will fit? Appreciating how much room you have and what is possible to maximise your bedroom’s assets is key to falling back in love with the space!

If you’re searching for fitted furniture that can utilise your space, no matter the shape or size of your room, the Gardiner of England Made-to-Measure Collection has been designed to allow creativity within storage; tailoring it to the exact contours of your space. Whether your rooms are small and compact, ultra-modern and minimal or grand and full of character, the Made-to-Measure Collection allows for complete versatility within design and function. Explore our full range here to see how we could help make the most of your room.

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