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Let us introduce you to the newest addition to our colour collection: CARBON, a deep and dramatic off-black.

At Gardiner of England, we strive to keep up with changing styles, offering our own timeless take on the current trends. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce a new addition to our colour collection - CARBON

Carbon is our unique approach to the off-black trend that’s taking the kitchen design world by storm. The colour works beautifully as a standalone statement across an entire kitchen, or equally well when mixed with lighter tones for a contrasting finish - it’s the perfect way to add drama and atmosphere with a softer edge.

To celebrate this new arrival, we’re sharing a few of the many ways you could style each colour, with a range of our favourite kitchen accessory picks to pull together an exciting kitchen look.


Our first Carbon look combines playful, light pastel tones and elegant gold touches to create a sophisticated, on-trend space. The pairing of light and dark, including the luxurious marble touches, will add a beautiful contrast throughout which will help bring the kitchen to life.


Carbon also allows for a classic look by pairing perfectly with sleek silver accessories and calming grey and white tones. For a hint of femininity we’ve also introduced a few Magenta accents, with artificial flowers and statement textiles for a subtle but refined pop of colour.

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