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2020, the year our priorities changed, we were advised to stay home and for most, the indoors quickly became our safe haven. It was also the year we decided to embrace our surroundings, appreciate the little things and make sure if we could, we would make them as personal as possible.

According to, UK homeowners have spent £55 billion on renovations to create their perfect property in 2020. Creating a functional yet comforting space, to gather with loved ones or to escape the outside world has now become the main focal point of the nation, however, the past year has also helped to strengthen our appreciation of the outdoors and the beauty of the nature surrounding us. Whether this be our gardens, local woods, or a nearby park, many of us have turned to walking and exploring our local areas as a way of seeking solace and comfort in this confusing time.

With this in mind, it is no surprise that these elements are being transitioned into our internal environment. Interior trends now reflect these bold, homely tones to bring reassurance and warming personality to our spaces, as well as more neutral earthy shades, bringing the soothing beauty of nature indoors.

Here at Gardiners of England, we strive to maintain a beautiful Painted Palette that not only reflects the current needs and desires of the nation, but also ensures your kitchen will remain timeless and can be enjoyed for years to come. So, without further ado, let us introduce you to our brand-new colours; seven comforting yet striking additions that will leave you feeling inspired and eager to transform your space.

From left to right: Georgian Red, Pimento, Olive,

Regents Green, Bay Green, Ives Blue, and Inkwell.


IVES BLUE (outside cabinets)

Taking inspiration from the blue waves gently lapping the coast at St Ives Bay, Cornwall, Ives Blue is a nautical, off-white shade at quite the opposite end of the blue spectrum to the deep, brooding shade of Inkwell.

This colour is the perfect accompaniment to Inkwell (shown here on the Island), or one of our other striking Blues, such as Hartforth Blue or Charcoal.


Inkwell is a deep, true-blue, inspired by heritage and tradition that is perfect for creating a bold but reassuring statement in any kitchen design.

The dramatic shade pairs beautifully with a paler tone such as Chalk, or our new Ives Blue, to create the ultimate calming balance between statement and subtly.



With inspiration taken from the heat of a Mediterranean climate and thoughts of eating tapas on a sun-soaked terrace, Olive, our new, refined green shade brings a natural warmth and elegance to a kitchen look. This subtle hue sits beautifully beside old favourites, such as our muted Sage shade or comforting Cashmere, and pairs perfectly with striking Aged Brass hardware for a timeless, quintessential design.


Inspired by the deep greens of nature, this bold earthy tone perfectly encapsulates the trend for brave, natural shades that work perfectly in traditional or modern settings.

In a traditional kitchen, Bay Green would be the ideal choice for a stunning free-standing pantry or gin cabinet. Alternatively, pair the shade with a calming neutral shade such as Porcelain or Dove Grey, for a subtly refined contemporary kitchen.


Inspired by natural hues, bring a sleek elegance to your kitchen design with our traditional, rich and graceful Regents Green. This shade pairs perfectly with a wide array of mid tones, or style alongside a deeper tone, such as Carbon, for a contemporary, brooding look.



Inspired by the bygone brickwork of rural towns and villages, this earthy red is a distinctive yet sophisticated colour choice for any kitchen design. Create a warming focal point with a Georgian Red kitchen island or use as a wrap-around colour for a truly bold, heritage look.


Taking its name from a red, sweet pepper that can be used to bring a comforting warmth to dishes, this fiery shade is perfect to bring just the right amount of drama to your kitchen design.

Pimento is the ideal tone for creating a statement with free-standing feature units, and pairs beautifully with warm neutrals, greys and lighter shades if you’re dreaming of a cosy, two-tone kitchen look.

Have we inspired you to consider one of our new colours in your home? We’d love to hear from you; our network of retailers across the UK are available via email or phone so we’re ready when you need us. Find your local Gardiner of England retailer here.

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