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Grey has dominated the kitchen scene for the last five years but more and more “Instagram interiors” feature strong, bold kitchen colours and it’s made a noticeable difference in people’s opinions and choices for their own kitchen.

As a nation, we seem to be less concerned with “does this make my house more sellable” and more concerned with picking colours and styles that appeal to us at the time. This can be said of both end consumer and house builders who are making a gradual move from grey to stone and now in to deep greens and blues.

When choosing a kitchen colour, your taste should be the first thing you consider, followed closely by the room shape and size and then the amount of natural and artificial light. If you love green kitchens and all you can think of is a green kitchen then its definitely the best place to start! However, a fern green kitchen may ooze insta-style and keep you bang on trend, a galley kitchen with one small Velux window for light may leave you feeling enclosed in what should be an open, welcoming space. Try mixing your green doors with white worktops and clean, fresh white walls to lift a dark space without you having to compromise on your dream.

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